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domestic staff agency Terms & Conditions

(The Agency) will only undertake business under the following terms and conditions. These terms are legally binding so please read them carefully.

General Terms and Conditions


Agency: means Marshall Harber Associates Limited of 239 Kensington High Street, Office 206, Kensington, London, W8 6SN

Client: means the person, firm or corporate body together with any subsidiary or associated company (as defined in the Companies Act 1985 and as amended) to whom the Candidate is Introduced.

Candidate: means the person that is registered with the Agency in the interest of seeking employment.

Introduction: means (i) the Client's interview of a Candidate in person or by telephone, following the Client's instruction to the Agency to search for a Candidate; or (ii) the passing to the Client of a curriculum vitae or any other information relating to the Candidate which leads to the Engagement of that Candidate by the Client.

Engagement: means the engagement, employment or use of the Candidate following an Introduction to the Client on a Permanent or Short Term/trial basis, whether under a contract of service or services; under an agency, licence, franchise or partnership agreement; or any other engagement.

Introduction Fee or Fee: means the fee that becomes due to the Agency based on the Fee Structure (available on request) following confirmation of an accepted job offer.

Permanent Placement: means the Engagement of any Candidate by a Client either on a part time or full time basis for an indefinite period of time or any term lasting longer than 12 weeks.

Short Term Placement: means the Engagement of any Candidate by a Client for any fixed period of time not exceeding 12 weeks with an agreed date of termination for the employment inside of this time limit.

Overseas Placement: means the Engagement of a Candidate that is to be employed on a Permanent or Short Term basis anywhere that is outside the borders of the United Kingdom & Northern Ireland. For the avoidance of doubt, this includes Candidates employed in the UK that will be required to spend any amount of time working outside the United Kingdom & Northern Ireland.

The headings in these Terms and Conditions are for reference only and do not affect their interpretation. These Terms and Conditions of Business are between Marshall Harber Associates Ltd. (the Agency) and the employer (the Client) and are deemed to be accepted by the Client if:
a. The Client receives an Introduction of a Candidate from the Agency and/or contacts the Candidate and/or interviews the Candidate and/or thereafter Engages the Candidate.
b. The Client introduces a Candidate or passes on an Introduction to any 3rd party.






a) notify the Agency in writing within 48 hours of the termination of the Candidate’s employment/Candidate’s departure, giving the reasons for termination/departure.

b) confirm in their written correspondence that the basis on which the Candidate was Engaged has not altered in any way from the job description provided to the Agency

c) have paid the Introduction Fee in full in accordance with Clause 20.

d) not be in breach of these Terms and Conditions

e) not have previously Engaged the candidate at any time on a Short Term Placement or trial basis