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A butler could work wonders for the organisation of your household. Not only can a butler take care of a wide variety of duties, but a butler can do so competently and with care and professionalism. If you’re looking to employ a butler to work within your home, then why not seek the expertise of Marshall Harber?

The butler of a household can preside over any other staff you might have. A good butler will possess a wide variety of skills, from having knowledge of housekeeping to having experience of keeping household accounts. A butler should demonstrate integrity, discretion and professionalism.

The team at Marshall Harber can help you to find the right candidate for your household. Choosing a new butler is a tricky decision. You may like the guidance of a recruitment agency who can find the best candidate on your behalf, in line with your specific requirements.

Whether you need a butler, a gardener, a valet, a housekeeper or a personal assistant, we recruit the best private household staff to roles in London, across the UK and abroad.

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