Do You Need To Find A Housekeeper?

Posted: Feb 01, 2016| Author: Simon Chapple| 0 Comment

Need housekeeping help? Perhaps you need help around the house but are not sure how to find an efficient and dependable housekeeper?

Once you’ve found a housekeeper you feel you can depend on then you’ll soon consider that person indispensable. A housekeeper is usually employed to organise and manage all matters relating to the household. The housekeeper can either be live-in or live-out – it depends what you’re looking for. You might want the housekeeper you hire to work as a housekeeper and cook or a housekeeper and a PA? If you want to find a housekeeper from a reputable domestic staff recruitment agency then Marshall Harber is the agency for you.

Whether you need a housekeeper to perform the traditional housekeeping role or a housekeeper who can clean and cook as well, we can help you find the right new member of staff for your household.

We routinely recruit to roles in the UK and internationally, so wherever you’re based, we can help you find your new member of domestic staff.


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