Find A Personal Assistant For Your Private Household

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Finding the perfect personal assistant (PA) can be a difficult task. More than any member of your household, they need to get along with you on a personal level.

Personal Assistants are as diverse as the range of companies that are hiring them. While one person might be looking for an event manager, another might want a highly- organised secretary. Because of this, it’s important to know exactly what you want a PA to do.

Are you looking to find a PA for your private household?

When it comes to private households, a PA is perfect for managing your home office, and carrying out secretarial duties such as diary management and scheduling appointments.

At Marshall Harber, we have a true understanding of how difficult it can be to find the right member of staff for a household. Once we find the perfect PA for you, we want to make sure they really fit the bill. So, if any issues arise during the course of a candidate’s employment, Marshall Harber are always happy to discuss any issues. However, we are confident our consultants will find the right candidate for your placement.

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