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Posted: Jun 27, 2016| Author: Simon Chapple| 0 Comment

Does your household run smoothly enough for you? Perhaps you feel you’d like to employ household staff to assist in the daily management of your property?

As a well-established household staff agency, we recruit candidates to roles across the UK, including London, and internationally. We know that every client has unique requirements. Every client knows best the type of candidate they need to fulfil the role. We can adapt to your needs, providing you with the right candidate for the role whether you need a cook, a gardener, a chauffeur or a housekeeper. 

We’re always happy to visit your home in order to assess your requirements in more detail. Our standards are especially high, and we’re always committed to building strong working relationships with our clients. Whatever your household staff recruitment needs, we can meet them.

We serve clients in London, across the UK and abroad. Our consultants have the unique advantage of having worked in private service themselves, so we will have the experience you need in the search for a candidate to begin work in your household.

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