Looking For Domestic Couples In Oxfordshire?

Posted: Jan 09, 2017| Author: Simon Chapple| 0 Comment

New year, new staff for your private household in Oxfordshire?

Here at Marshall Harber we’re here to find your perfect household staff in 2017.

Our recruitment specialists will work closely with you to find the best staff for your specific role, with our candidates including domestic couples.

Why hire a domestic couple for your household in Oxfordshire?

The demand for this type of household staff is higher than you might think, because there are many benefits to hiring domestic couples- not least because you know they’re compatible as people.

Firstly, it can be an extremely cost-effective option and less expensive than hiring several people to fulfil many different roles.

Multi-tasking and flexible, domestic couples could transform your household in Oxfordshire.

Secondly, the fact that a couple can cover a huge range of tasks is a huge advantage. Many domestic couples provide popular combinations of roles, such as a nanny/housekeeper & handyman; PA & chauffeur/chef; and a nanny & gardener.

Lastly, you’re likely to retain your staff for longer periods of time, with a domestic couple likely to want to stick together. They will also prefer taking holidays at the same time and are often willing to work unsociable hours to make up for this.

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