Looking For Domestic Couples In Somerset?

Posted: Nov 28, 2016| Author: Simon Chapple| 0 Comment

Do you have a large private residence that needs superior estate management? Is your busy property run off their feet this Christmas?

When you hire a domestic couple, you get two pairs of hands instead of one. Since a couple often work extremely well as a team, this can make a huge difference. Although domestic couples are usually man and wife, you can also get siblings, unmarried couples or cousins working in tandem.

Are you looking to hire a reliable, trustworthy and hardworking domestic couple in Somerset?

Domestic couples can carry out a varied range of tasks, including hands-on housekeeping, laundry and ironing, menu planning and shopping, extensive home maintenance, handyman tasks, acting as a driver, pet care, and much more. The list is multifarious and non-exhaustive, from swimming pool care to large equipment maintenance.

Hiring domestic couples can be an extremely wise decision. They usually stay much longer than other types of staff, and happier to work unsociable hours provided they spend the day together.

To find your perfect match, let Marshall Harber discover a domestic couple for your household in Somerset.

We have many experienced domestic couples on our books, with various salary expectations, all looking for their perfect private household.

For more information on our domestic couples in Somerset, call 0203 7938 2200.

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