Need a Private Staff Agency in Lincolnshire?

Posted: Jun 06, 2017| Author: Simon Chapple| 0 Comment

From housekeepers to nannies to chauffeurs, to those staff who combine different roles, Marshall Harber work hard to find the best private staff for households in numerous locations, including throughout Lincolnshire.

As a private staff agency, we connect households with a myriad of staff, including live-in housekeepers, silver service waiters and chefs who will work hard to keep your private house running like clockwork.

What kind of staff can we find for your private household in Lincolnshire?

Our private staff agency can connect you with the finest housekeepers, butlers, valets, chauffeurs, domestic couples, gardeners, estate managers, handymen, ladies’ maids, house managers, personal assistants, daily cleaners and chefs/cooks. As aforementioned, we can also find you staff that combine two or more roles, such as a waiter/kitchen assistant.

Since our consultants have either previously worked in domestic service or held household management positions, they have a unique understanding of the industry. Our candidates are equally qualified: we only put forward people who have strong references and every candidate is interviewed for at least two hours; they must also provide all the necessary documentation.

If you’re looking for a private staff agency in Lincolnshire, why not discover more about Marshall Harber?


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