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Posted: Oct 26, 2015| Author: Andrea Santin| 0 Comment

Currently we have extended our services overseas and opened a new desk/office in Luxembourg city centre! We have been providing and placing household staff internationally for over 10 years but now we have decided to place one of our consultants in Luxembourg city as we feel that Luxembourg is a unique growing and changing market requiring domestic help.

We can relocate candidates from the UK to your home or find you a local member of staff in Luxembourg city and/or country!

We source Nannies, Housekeepers, Butlers, House Managers, Valets, Chauffeurs, Domestic Couples, Gardeners, Personal Assistants, Chefs & Cooks and many more categories of domestic staff. In the past few years Luxembourg became a very popular destination for many investors and many families relocated and continue relocating their families from all over the globe. Many of them come from a different language/cultural background using at least two languages at home therefore many of them feel at ease to sending their children to International schools where the spoken language is English. There are also possibilities for children to take additional classes in French/German/Spanish/Portuguese /Italian and many more.

Working parents in particular or families not using English language at home will require extra support and help with homework and use of English language after school! We source domestic staff with English as a first language staff and/or English as a second language. These are candidates that again we can relocate for a live in position or find a local candidate to commute to your house on a daily basis.

Also if you are working parents, a Nanny can take your child to activities such as football, tennis, music classes and usually prepare meals and snacks for them. A Nanny will provide educational and fun activities for your children too. All our UK nannies have been recently police checked and if they have not been recently checked we are able to office this service through the agency. Nannies should always possess a valid First Aid certificate and will be reference checked. We can arrange a meeting at your home in Luxembourg to be able to understand your needs and to suggest the best option for your household. Contact our agency to discuss your requirements.


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