Why Marshall Harber Is Offering Client Visits

Posted: Oct 24, 2019| Author: Alex Facta| 0 Comment

Marshall Harber have offered client visits since opening our doors in 2003. However in an increasingly fast paced society, this is something we are now encouraging more actively. The recruitment of private domestic household staff can be a sensitive area. This type of recruitment is a world away from corporate employment. The same processes, laws and advice still apply, however as an employer of private staff your employees are based in your home. A place of sanctuary for you and your family. Finding that balance and understanding the unique circumstances of both our clients and candidates in order to find suitable matches takes effective communication and a strong client/agency relationship.

Sadly, as the pace of life increases, so too does our perceived idea of how much time we have available to complete important tasks. As a society, we have turned to fast forms of communication such as text and email in an attempt to save time and achieve more. Even the humble phone call seems to be slowly becoming obsolete. Ironically in our attempt to speed up communication we often create confusion and misunderstandings and this actually slows things down.

We believe that investing a relatively small amount of time at the beginning of the process can save a lot of time, headaches and therefore money in the long run. As a result, we now offer all clients recruiting for permanent, full time household staff the option of a free client visit. This allows us to spend some important face time (actual face time not just the smart phone variety) to develop the relationship and understand your requirements. In fact, we are now able to report that we are finding an astonishing 90% success rate in placing candidates where a client visit has been carried out beforehand. In recruitment terms this is a very telling statistic. The fundamental understanding of the client and their household is what allows us to place effectively in these situations.

We appreciate that people lead busy lives and many of our clients will simply want to email us a job description and receive CVs for prospective candidates. We are of course happy to work on this basis but we strongly believe that anyone looking to find lasting engagements with high calibre domestic staff will certainly benefit from a client home visit.

To discuss your vacancy, call one of our consultants today on 0207 938 2200.
Marshall Harber has offices in London and Bath but we cater for the whole of the UK as well as International clients. Whether you are looking for a housekeeper to manage the day to day routines of your home or you need the skills of a qualified butler hosting silver service events, Marshall Harber can help with recruiting all categories of private house staff. 


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