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Posted: Jul 11, 2016| Author: Simon Chapple| 0 Comment

Do you want to hire new domestic staff to your household? Perhaps you’re new to hiring domestic staff and need agency help?

It can be difficult to find the right person to fill the role you have vacant, but the consultants at Marshall Harber have all worked in private service themselves, and this makes us uniquely placed to understand your requirements and find the right individual for your needs.

As a domestic staff agency, we work with clients across the UK and abroad. We can help you to find the perfect chef, gardener, butler, house manager, chauffeur, valet or personal assistant for your needs.

Every client who comes to us will have a slightly different brief and a different person in mind. It’s our job to answer that brief and find the right candidate for the role they have available.

Keen to hire one or more members of private staff? The team at Marshall Harber will make the recruitment process easy on you.

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