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Posted: Aug 29, 2016| Author: Simon Chapple| 0 Comment

Do you want to employ a housekeeper? Do you need someone efficient who can manage all your household affairs? Running a busy household can be exhausting and tiring – it can be a full-time job. To save you or anyone else the trouble, you can hire a housekeeper to ensure the efficient management of your daily household tasks, while a housekeeper can also manage any other domestic staff you may employ.

A housekeeper’s role can be tailored to meet your specific needs. A housekeeper can either live in or live out. It’s your choice. A housekeeper can be skilled in many areas, and this could be experience of working as a PA or cook as well as a housekeeper.

There will be many things to consider, from the size of your residence to the nature of your requirements. Our experienced consultants at Marshall Harber can work with you to establish your needs and offer advice as to what might work best for you.

As a leading UK agency for private service recruitment, we can unite you with the best candidates available. Whether you need a housekeeper, valet, gardener or cook, we can find the right person for you and your household.


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