Chefs & Cooks

The world of private households can offer great opportunities to both Chefs and Cooks, and 1st Agency and Marshall Harber prides itself on finding excellent cooks and chefs to best suit each employers needs and tastes. We promote long-term placements for private estates or households and can arrange Chefs for private dining experiences and private functions. We can also source chefs/cooks for commercial venues and corporate chefs/cooks for corporate kitchens, as well as chefs for private yachts.

Specialities of chefs currently available through 1st agency and Marshall Harber include;

Italian, French, Thai, Chinese, Nepalese, Indian, Russian, Japanese, Kosher, Hal'al, Organic, Vegetarian, Vegan, Macrobiotic, Raw food, Wheat free, The Zone, Low carb, Low fat, Low sodium, Sea food, Low protein, Nut free, Diabetic, Traditional English. Dairy free and Wheat free, to name but a few.

At any one time 1st Agency and Marshall Harber has chefs of every style available, a personal Chef should have exceptional experience with the employer's desired cuisine, yet also facilitate a diverse range of culinary skills and attributes.
Most importantly we source chefs who love food and cooking and are always willing to try new things and learn new styles of cooking to be able to cater to your changing needs, for example during pregnancy, food sensitivity or health related dietary changes. A good chef/cook will be willing to take these changes on board and rise to the challenge with ease and success.
Many of the chefs that approach us come with a wealth of invaluable experience gained in commercial kitchens. The transition to private service is not always appropriate for them. Our consultants have working experience of both commercial kitchens and private service allowing us to hand pick the individuals with the necessary qualities to transfer their skills to private service.
We are happy to advise any chefs who are hoping to make this transition.
The expectations of a private chef vary depending on the other staff an individual household may have. It is often assumed that the Chef will individually manage the kitchen inventory as well and be able to plan family meals, dinner party menus, functions and drinks parties. This responsibility can extend outside of the kitchen to hiring additional waiting staff, sourcing good equipment for large functions and coordinating the events themselves.
Our Chefs and Cooks have extremely high standards and experience, with many of our Chefs holding a Head Chef position in esteemed hotels, restaurants and prestigious Country Estates.

It is possible to hire a chef/cook in conjunction with other job titles, for example;

  • Chef/House Manager
  • Chef/Driver
  • Chef/steward/ess
  • Housekeeper/Cook
  • Nanny/Cook
  • A chef/cook can also be part of a domestic working couple and can be part of the duties of either partner.