Domestic working couples are commonly defined as; 'Two persons employed in the capacity of a unit working different roles but striving for the same outcome.' Generally, a married couple or persons of long-term partnership who have worked as a couple in the past bearing excellent recommendations are suitable candidates.

Hiring a couple can really consolidate your domestic staff and often they can cover all of the bases and be the only people employed. If a larger or more formal property has other staff employed a domestic working couple make good house managers or estate managers. It is often very advantageous to have two people to share the responsibilities and to ensure they adequate time to ensure the estate/property if always running smoothly.

They are available to work in the city, countryside or overseas and are an especially popular option for country homes/weekend properties where there is a need for two people to provide security and maintenance when the property is unoccupied and to help out with a variety of tasks when you are in residence. A resident couple can also take care of animals for you allowing the luxury of having pets at a part time residence.

If you have any questions relating to hiring or becoming a domestic couple then please contact us and we will do our best to guide you. Here are some Couple combinations to consider:

  • Housekeeper cook/ Handyman Gardener.
  • Housekeeper/Butler, Chef
  • Housekeeper/Chauffeur, Handy man
  • Housekeeper/ Gamekeeper
  • Nanny/Gardener
  • House Management Couple
  • Estate Management Couple

There are many more combinations that we can find for you and most of our couples are very multi skilled and work together as a team helping one another with their tasks.

What are the benefits of employing a couple?
There is usually a greater chance of them staying for a long time
They are often more happy to work un sociable hours provided they have their days off together
They may be more amenable to travel/work between two or three properties/countries if they are working together.

Couples usually require separate cottage style accommodation and often there is a car provided for use on and off duty. Some couples have their own pets and it is one of the many things to consider if you hire a couple to live on your property.

Sometimes couples have gained their experience in separate roles and are looking to amalgamate their individual knowledge and commence working as a couple. Versatility and experience are the key components that we look for in a domestic working couple.

Marshall Harber has a number of experienced couples on our books and are always sourcing new candidates. We require a minimum of 3 years of experience in a relevant role and will sometimes consider applicants that are new starters but this is at the individual consultants discretion and is not always possible.

The salary expectations for couples is really varied depending on the role with the minimum for a new starter or job sharing couple at £550net per week up to £1000 net per week with the most average wage coming in at £750 net per week for two experienced individuals with good references and a solid and checkable work history.

Please contact us if you have any further questions regarding hiring or becoming a domestic working couple.