House Manager

The position of house manager is one that can be necessary for houses with several staff needing supervision and guidance. The position can also greatly benefit those with more than one residence or those who often need to leave a busy household unattended. A good house manager is one with exacting standards and experience within a traditional household, The role comes with ultimate responsibility and often full accountability for the management of the entire household.

Frequently the most senior role in the staff hierarchy, the house manager is responsible for the everyday running of one or more properties and will report directly to the principle. An experienced house manager should exhibit managerial qualities and highly professional standards. The role demands excellence in organisational and operational skills.

The house manager should be proficient and well-versed in all aspects of private household service. Previous experience in other household positions is a must as the house manager should be available for training and guiding all of the other household employees. It is often a hands-on role and a good house manager should be willing and able to step into other people's roles should the occasion arise, to ensure that any employee absences do not affect the smooth running of the household.

A sound knowledge staff management and training, development of standards and protocols, financial accounts and budgeting, household inventories, supply control, planning of formal entertainment and business schedules and all over household responsibilities would ensure the smooth running of a large formal home. Working knowledge of office-based software packages, email and web browsing are essential while knowledge of payroll and other accountancy software would be advantageous as also would language skills. A house manager is an invaluable asset to any busy household. Excellent recommendations and previous past experience is essential.

As with all domestic staff a house manager can be employed in conjunction with other roles depending on the hours required or the size and number of properties involved. The most common combinations are as follows.

  • House Manager / PA
  • House Manager/Nanny
  • House Manager/Chef
  • House Manager/Butler
  • House Manger/ Chauffeur

A House Manager can also be part of a domestic working couple and the role may be undertaken by either of the partners. Another possible scenario is to have a House Manager who can also assist in a commercial enterprise alongside the house management duties. Marshall Harber /1st Agency have many superior house managers with both household and commercial experience. Please discuss your requirements with our consultants and they will be able to find the combination that best suits your needs.

If you are considering hiring a House Manager please do not hesitate to contact us.