Finding a Housekeeper

    The Housekeeper is at the centre of all staffed houses. Whether it be part of a domestic couple, or part of a team in a formal household. Perhaps they operate in a combined role of Housekeeper/Nanny or Housekeeper/Cook. In any private household employing domestic staff, this particular category of staff is integral.

    Finding the right housekeeper for the right job can be a challenge. A housekeeper needs a lot of skills and qualities in order to really succeed in the role. Whether you have an informal family home and only someone for a couple of days a week, or you have a larger more formal setup and you want a dedicated staff member on hand at all times, using an agency that specialises in household staff will significantly ease the process.

    Choosing the right housekeeper can take some time, and you need a recruitment agency that can provide you with the best possible candidates. A housekeeper can perform a wide range of duties, from laundry and cooking to running errands, organising the home and supervising other staff if required.
    Our consultants have a good understanding of how difficult it can be to find the right person for the role. Whether you’d like to hire a housekeeper, a chauffeur, an estate manager, chef or a cleaner, the team at Marshall Harber will be happy to assist you finding the right candidate for your needs and your environment.

    If you are looking for your next Housekeeping job, please visit our Job Board to view all currently available vacancies.